Epson has announced availability of Version 1.3 of its Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT) software, which advances the platform by adding Apple macOS compatibility to the previously existing Windows 7/8.1/10 support.

EPPT is a free utility that allows A/V professionals to manage multi-projector installations using the company's Pro L laser series of large venue projectors—including the recently added native UHD 4K, 12,000-lumen L12000QNL and the 20,000-lumen L20000UNL WUXGA models.

Epson Pro L12002QNL multiprojection lifestyle
Epson's EPPT software is designed to simplify and speed setup of multi-projector installations of the company's Pro L Series large-venue projectors, including the new 12,000-lumen L120002QNL with native UHD resolution.

EPPT is intended to greatly simplify setup of multiple projector installations for conference, staging and mapping applications, providing access to L series features that include geometric correction, edge blending, auto-calibration, and screen matching.

EPPT is said to offer an intuitive user interface designed to promote ease of use. The program's capabilities include:

Auto-discovery. All compatible projectors on the same network are automatically found and displayed by the software.

Basic projector control. Efficiency and time-savings are achieved by being able to access basic projector controls—including power, lens shift, and shutter—without a remote, and to also control multiple projectors at once.

Access to L-Series setup features. Allows installers to tap into each projector's built-in geometric correction/warping and edge-blending features.

Epson EPPT geometry crx
Epson EPPT edgeblend
Geometric-correction (top) and edge-blending tools are available through the EPPT interface.

Tiling assist. Currently available for the Pro L20000 and Pro L12000 models, this feature makes it easy to deliver a seamless multi-projector image for big-screen applications.

Auto color calibration and screen matching. Allows quick brightness and color adjustments of networked projectors via their built-in cameras on applicable models.

You can learn more about Epson Projector Professional Tool software here.

You can access the free EPPT software for download here.


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