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Product Spotlight: The Epson PowerLite 700c & 710c

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With Epson's recent release of the twin superportables the PowerLite 700c and PowerLite 710c, Epson has taken projector design to the level of an art form. These exciting products are crafted to meet the needs of the mobile presenter. But though they are designed primarily for presentation use, owners of the 700c and 710c will be able to get good use out of them as part-time home theater projectors as well.

Product Overview

The 700c and 710c are really the same physical projector, with two differences. First, the 700c comes in a charcoal gray case, while the 710c is in a silver/magnesium case.

Second, the 710c has Epson's "micro-lens array" or "MLA" technology on the LCD panels. The micro-lens array boosts light transmission through the LCDs, and increases the lumen output of the projector. The result is that the 800 ANSI lumen output achieved with the 700c is increased to 1000 ANSI lumens in the 710c.

Other than case color and lumen output, all other physical characteristics, features, and functions are common to both models. Of course, there is a price difference. While the 800 lumen 700c retails for $6,999, the brighter 710c carries an MSRP of $7,999. (Nobody pays retail! See tips on how to get your best price at the end of this review.)

Product Features

The 700c/710c addresses the most fundamental need of the mobile presenter extremely well. It weighs only 5.8 lbs and measures a slight 247 cubic inches. That means it is among the smallest of the ultraportables available, and you can put it in a briefcase with room to spare.

For those who like performance specs, the 710c in particular has achieved a unique milestone. At 1000 ANSI lumens in a mere 247 cubic inch package, Epson has achieved a remarkable 4.0 lumens per cubic inch. That's more light output per cubic inch than any other projector on the market.

For the mobile presenter, the 700c/710c offers just about every tool you could want. There is a manual 1.2x zoom lens which enables you to adjust the size of the projected image. With that and the manual focus ring, you can set up the projector very quickly.

The projector provides up to 15 degrees (+/-) of digital keystone correction, so when projecting at an angle, you can realign the image from a trapezoid into a rectangle.

A digital zoom feature enable you to magnify a small part of the screen, and to pan around the image so you can see image details close up.

The 700c/710c also comes with a full complement of annotation and highlighting tools that are easily applied with the remote control. With these you can place highlighting arrows on items of interest, and/or you can underline or circle particular elements on the screen for emphasis as you discuss them during your presentation. You can also focus the audience's attention on any portion of the screen you want by using a highlighting box.

Finally, there is a picture-in-picture feature than enables you to open a window for video and overlay it on your data presentation. The PinP window can be resized to a limited degree, and it is easy to drag it to wherever you want it to be on the screen.

All things considered, just about everything a mobile presenter could want has been packaged into this product.

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