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HP vp6120 -
Versatility at Value Pricing

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HP vp6120 Projector HP vp6120
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
2000 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

Product: HP vp6120 DLP Projector

Pros: Image quality, ease-of-use at a compelling price point

Cons: Heat output may be noticeable in small rooms

Summary: HP introduces an easy-to-use, full-featured projector with great image quality at an unbeatable price.

Street Price: $1,999

User Experience:

From the moment you unpack the box, the HP vp6120 begins to deliver on the promise of an intuitive user experience. The sleek, metallic chassis offers full menu access and control from conveniently placed on-board buttons. Cables are labeled by use, a Getting Started guide provides diagrams for fast setup and the CD-based manual leaves you confident you'll be able to get an in-depth look at the projector's functionality.

After power up and connection, manual zoom and focus rings allow for easy image adjustment. Our screen was slightly elevated so we adjusted the height of the projector to get a rectangular image. Had our adjustment been insufficient, the HP vp6120 offers ±7 degrees digital keystone adjustment. A note of caution - using digital keystone correction on any projector will cause some image distortion that will be evident when viewing text or data. The vp6120 also comes with 2 spring-loaded, retractable front feet so you can get additional height if needed. If you plan to do a lot of mobile presenting, invest in the optional soft carrying case (this model does not include one) and upgrade to the premium wireless remote with USB (keep the credit card sized remote as a back-up). The premium remote provides a built-in mouse ball and laser pointer. HP included both front and rear IR windows so you can operate the projector via remote from almost anywhere in the room. When comparing comparably equipped units, be sure to factor in the additional cost - $99.99 for the premium remote with USB cable and $29.99 for the carrying case.

The fan motor generates an average amount of noise and heat vents to the rear of the projector. Take note of projector placement when presenting in smaller rooms. When you're ready to shut down, the vp6120 provides a power button surrounded by a cool blue glow for easy detection in the dark. The HP, as well as other projectors, enters a cool down cycle when you turn it off. Allow the cool down cycle to complete before powering off completely or unplugging the unit. The cool down is an important step to avoid sudden temperature changes that can result in reduced lamp life or lamp failure. Two warning lights on top of the unit, one for lamp temperature and one for unit temperature, will illuminate if you exceed safe operating limits.

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