Projection Enables A Whole New Look at Mathematics at Lakeridge High School

From estimating population size by projecting an interactive Web site that allows students to virtually catch and tag fish, to learning Geometry with large images and graphics, InFocus projectors are revolutionizing the way mathematics is taught at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, Ore.

"Being able to project big ideas for my students has rejuvenated my interest and renewed my enthusiasm for teaching mathematics, which in turn, has been infectious upon my students and colleagues," says Winnie Miller, Mathematics Teacher and Mathematics Department Chairperson for Lakeridge High School.

With the InFocus LP650 projector, Miller has come a long way from using the overhead projector as the center of presentations and at least two walls of whiteboards. Today, Miller projects PowerPoint presentations, Excel documents, Geometer Sketchpad, and is able to use SMART Board software with her projector. Miller also uses a document camera, which she connects directly to the InFocus projector, allowing her to display and point to pictures, diagrams and lessons in textbooks.

Teaching three algebra classes and two precalculus classes a day can be time consuming, but with the InFocus LP650, Miller has discovered a short-cut that allows her to spend more time developing cutting-edge, interactive lessons for her students.

"Once my presentations have been created, I can use them year after year," says Miller. "For example, I am currently using precalculus and geometry lessons created last year with this year's classes. How cool is that? I can also easily refine and polish the lessons."

The time it takes to plan lessons isn't the only aspect made easier; Miller's students can also more easily understand the ideas behind mathematical problems through real life projected examples.

"To be able to instantly rotate, reflect and translate figures in space, shrink and stretch graphs of trigometric and polynomial functions, manipulate virtual algebra tiles to multiply and factor polynomials and demonstrate calculations with a virtual graphing calculator on the big screen is just amazing! My students are definitely paying more attention to the lessons, and they are much more engaged."

Compatibility with computer software, ease-of-use, and increased student interaction have combined to make teaching mathematics more exciting for educators, like Winnie Miller, using projection in the classroom.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our InFocus LP650 projector page.