Do you travel with your projector? Then take note. There have been a lot of new products announced so far this month. They are more aggressively priced than ever. And they follow the trend of incorporating both data presentation tools for business use during the week, and better video and HDTV compatibility for home theater use on the weekends. Take a look at the latest offerings--

Viewsonic PJ500 and PJ550: Viewsonic's aggressively priced new LCD micro-portables weigh 5.3 lbs each. The SVGA resolution PJ500 is rated at 1200 ANSI lumens, with an ESP of $1,895. The XGA version PJ550, also rated at 1200 ANSI lumens, has an ESP of $2,495. Both are HDTV- and 480p-compatible, with a very low audible noise rating of 33 dB.

Boxlight SP-9t: Boxlight sets an MSRP of only $1,999 for its new SVGA, 1000 ANSI lumen, 6.2 lb. SP-9t. This HDTV and 480p-compatible unit has a 1.2x manual zoom lens, is FCC Class B certified for home use, and comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Dukane ImagePro 8747: Dukane's first 3.0 lb projector, the 8747 is a DLP-based XGA-resolution machine rated at 1100 ANSI lumens. It is HDTV-compatible with an audible noise rating of 37 dB. The MSRP is $5,995. Of particular note, this product carries Dukane's industry-leading 5-year warranty program.

Canon LV-S1: Canon's new 6.2 pound, SVGA-resolution portable LCD product is rated at 1000 ANSI lumens and is HDTV and 480p compatible. It features a Canon-exclusive technology which improves light processing for superior color fidelity. The unit has audible noise as low as 37 dB in low lamp mode. The retail price is $2,999. Also available from Canon is their optional PR200S Presentation Assistant, a portable color scanner that handles paper documents, overhead transparencies, and photographs. ($899). The PR200S connects to the LV-S1 or any other projector with a standard VGA cable.

Epson 51c and 71c: These two LCD projectors weigh 6.8 lbs each, feature HDTV and 480p compatibility, and an audible noise rating of 42 dB. The SVGA version is the 51c. It puts out 1200 ANSI lumens and has an Estimated Street Price of $2,199. The XGA-resolution edition is the 71c, rated at 1000 ANSI lumens, has an ESP of $2,999.

BENQ SL705S and SL705X: Two 3.8 lb DLP-based units; the 1000 ANSI lumen SVGA model SL705S retails for $2,895, and the 1100 ANSI lumen XGA edition SL705X is $4,495. Both are HDTV compatible. BENQ is the new brand identity for the company previously known as Acer.

Panasonic PT-LC55U and PT-LC75U: Both of these LCD-based products are rated at 1200 ANSI lumens of brightness, and feature a unique gravity sensor that detects the angle of the projector and automatically sets keystone adjustment accordingly. They are both HDTV- and 480p-compatible, and audible noise is as low as 30dB in low lamp mode. The SVGA-resolution PT-LC55U retails for $2,999, and the XGA model PT-LC75U is $3,999. (no specs available yet)

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