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Playskool ShowCam: The Little Camera that Could...Project!

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Last Christmas, both of my children asked for digital cameras. After doing weeks of research, I purchased two popular models with decent megapixels. The cameras lasted two weeks. One simply disappeared from the face of the earth, while the other was just too boring for my nine year old. I mean, all it did was take great pictures. What was I thinking? This year, Playskool has introduced the ShowCam, which is a kooky digital camera with a projector aimed at making young photogs (and their desperate parents) happy.

Geared toward the three to seven year old constituency, the ShowCam has necessary bulk to it. It is roughly five and a half inches wide, five inches long, and four inches tall. It has a handy wrist strap, and the sides are outfitted with rubber grips. The LCD screen is sizable, and the buttons are large, colorful, and easy to understand. In addition to the common shutter button and scrolling arrows, the ShowCam is equipped with a bright, yellow smiley face button. This "silly" button allows the kiddos to add fun effects and even animation to the pictures. Located on the front of the camera is a green lever, which turns on the projector. I was impressed to find a mini-USB port located on the bottom of the camera. Unfortunately, the cable is not included. This port allows your protégé to download the pics in order to print them, post them, or email them to their playmates.

Playskool Showcam
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Rich Posted Dec 30, 2013 5:39 PM PST
Great Article made me laugh several times out loud, I wish my one year old was older just so I could buy it for her. Thank you for the laughs and the information.

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