PLUS Corporation of America continues to lead the industry in projector miniaturization with its announcement of the industry's first two-pound projectors. The V-1080SF will be an XGA-resolution machine rated at 800 ANSI lumens. And it's SVGA counterpart is the V-807SF, rated at 700 ANSI lumens.

Pre-production models were unveiled at Infocomm in Las Vegas, June 13-15. With a form factor of 7"W x 5.6"L x 1.8"H, they are about the size of a thick paperback book. Demonstrations on the show floor were controlled and limited to subject matter that did not reveal a great deal about the products' capabilities. So there was not a lot to see other than their physical size. At this writing there are not many technical details available. Pricing is not announced and shipments are scheduled to commence sometime in the fall of 2001.

At this year's Infocomm, PLUS and several other manufacturers announced new and improved 3-pound projectors. With the entry of these new two-pound models, mobile presenters will now have even greater choice in the performance vs. weight trade-off. Stay tuned for more information on these new two-pound projectors which will be reported here when it is available.