Eclair Group France selects projectiondesign for post production screenings

Fredrikstad, Norway, 18 July 2007 - Two F1+ as well as two cineo3+ 1080 projectors from projectiondesign have been installed in the sound studio companies of Eclair Group, one of France's largest and best-equipped post-production facilities.

Eclair Group boasts 17 studios that are shared across several sites located mainly in Paris and surrounding suburbs. Eclair Group is involved in every stage of the post production process, from telecine, special effects, and sound restoration to the making of final film prints or masters for television and cinema.

Philippe Beaulieu, Technical Manager of Eclair Group's sound companies, takes up the story: "We work on every type of project - feature films, television shows, commercials and so on - and we are starting to post-produce in HD formats within our sound facilities. We conducted a long series of tests with a wide range of video projectors in our labs, using specialist equipment, and the projectiondesign products were the only ones which could reproduce all HD formats cost-effectively while running at a very low noise level."

Noise levels were a key issue for Eclair Group, as Beaulieu explains: "Our two F1+ projectors are installed in studios C & D at TELETOTA - AUDITEL, which is our TV mixing company in Paris. They are outside the studio's air-conditioned, soundproof booth so it was essential that they generate as little noise as possible. The two cineo3+ 1080 projectors are used behind a glass screen in studios 1 & 5 at JACKSON, our sound dubbing company of Saint-Ouen, located in the North-Western suburbs of Paris."

"We are very happy with the image quality of the projectiondesign units, despite the fact that much of the source material that comes into us is digital video that's been recorded with a very high compression rate."

Thierry Ollivier, Sales Manager, Central & Eastern Europe, Japan and Korea at projectiondesign, adds: "Our compact and quiet 1920x1080 projectors are rapidly finding their way into professional studios where most 2K machines are far too cumbersome and expensive. At the same time all professionals are enjoying the high contrast, close to defect free images in high-ambient light working conditions."

Eclair Group is so pleased with its purchase that it already has a further two cineo3+ 1080s on order, as it continues its programme of replacing traditional 35mm sprocket projectors in its facility. The cineo3+ 1080 uses DLP® technology from Texas Instruments.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our projectiondesign F1+ projector page.