Bringing the world to life - culture museum uses Projection Design for multiple images

Fredrikstad, Norway, 15 November 2007 - Eight F1+ DLP® projectors from projectiondesign are installed in numerous locations in the main exhibition areas at the Världskulturmuseet - or 'Museum of World Culture' located next-door to the world-famous Liseberg amusement park in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

Since opening in 2004, the Världskulturmuseet is designed to promote the diversity and individuality of our planet's people and their heritage.

One man who knows the Museum well is Torbjörn Sterner of Primetec AB, which has supplied a wide range of AV, audio, lighting and control equipment to its exhibits. "A key part of the Världskulturmuseet's mission is to be a place that people want to return to," says Sterner. "Exhibitions are staged over four floors, and there are four or five themed exhibitions taking place at any time. They change these exhibits every year or two, and audiovisual systems play a key role in that change."

For 'Sister Of Dreams', an exhibition highlighting the traditions of people living in the Venezuelan rainforest, Primetec supplied some innovative AV technology to help engage visitors' attention.

In the Waterfall zone, images from four projectiondesign F1+ projectors are edge blended using WATCHOUT software from Dataton which gives visitors the impression that they are walking in front of a waterfall or on the Orinoco river itself. The waterfall has interactive functions and explains the rivers importance and use by people living by the Orinoco river.

The other four F1+ projectors are about to be used in an upcoming Underground exhibition. Two f!+ projectors were previously been used in a Voodoo cabin in a Horizons exhibition and were integrated with Dataton's WATCHOUT software to project on to a 180° curved screen. This gave visitors the impression that they were attending a real-life Voodoo ritual inside the cabin. Two F1+ projectors were also used for general display elsewhere in the Horizons exhibition.

Commenting on Primetec's choice of projectiondesign, Sterner says: "The picture quality is superb, the projectors emit very low noise and they have a small form factor. This is important because in an application like this, you don't want visitors to be distracted by seeing or hearing the source of the imagery."

At the Världskulturmuseet, all AV content and control data is supplied over a Local Area Network (LAN) directly linked to MPEG servers, Dataton WATCHOUT players and interactive computers. "We believe it's a unique system," says Sterner. "Each exhibition is operated from a single control system, with individual sub-systems for each zone. This gives the Världskulturmuseet the flexibility it needs when it comes to rotating exhibitions."

Trond Solvold, sales manager, Sweden at projectiondesign, adds: "The fact that Primetec is happy to use our projectors as part of a network such as this shows how much they trust the ruggedness and future-proofing of our products. This project is another great example of how our integrator partners are finding new and innovative applications for our projectors."

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our projectiondesign F1+ projector page.