projectiondesign reaches new depths at HR Wallingford

Fredrikstad, Norway, 12 February 2007 - No fewer than 11 of projectiondesign's F2 sx+ projectors are proving their image quality abilities in a marine simulation environment, having been supplied to UK-based civil engineering company HR Wallingford.

A research and consultancy firm which specialises in hydraulics and the water environment, HR Wallingford has recently upgraded its established Ship Simulator, which acts as a mock-up of a ship's bridge. HR is also in the process of constructing a second simulator. Each simulator comprises a 6-channel 'outside world view'. 5 channels use a faceted screen that partially surrounds those using the simulator.

projectiondesign's UK distributor, RGB Communications, supplied the F2 sx+ projectors to systems integrator Antycip (Simulation Division UK), which was responsible for supplying the visual software for the simulators. Antycip was proud to recommend projectiondesign, having previously used the Norwegian manufacturer's projectors in a number of other successful simulation projects, including a Search and Rescue (SAR) simulator for the RNLI.

Anders Løkke, Marketing & Communications Manager for projectiondesign, comments: "The high contrast ratio of our F2 sx+ projector makes it ideal for an application of this kind, since it offers improved simulation of different ambient lighting environments: from broad daylight to night-time with reduced visibility conditions."

"The projector features SXGA+ resolution (1,400 x 1,050 pixels) and a high brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens - more than ample for a demanding application such as this. In this particular project, each projector was individually calibrated and tailored to its specific application to ensure optimum image results, using projectiondesign's unique RealColor colour management suite for colour matching."

As well as the projectiondesign products, Antycip SAS also assisted HR Wallingford in upgrading their visual simulation software to use MultiGen-Paradigm's Vega Prime Marine, which combines the realism of accurately synthesizing a dynamic ocean surface with the performance required for visualizing interactive, real-time 3D simulation and training.

Following the delivery of the projectors, Cameron Smith, Major Accounts Manager at Antycip says: "The combination of upgrading the projectors to F2 sx+'s and moving to Vega Prime has given HR Wallingford and their clients a fantastic new simulation facility."

Since the visual system upgrade, HR Wallingford has reaped a number of tangible benefits. The company can offer an improved visual scene in its real-time simulation of vessel behavior. This is used for both existing and proposed harbours and approach channels, allowing optimal site design, and can also give specialist advice on the legal and regulatory aspects of maritime navigation.

Summing up the business case for the simulators, Dr Mark McBride of HR Wallingford says: "This technology has significantly improved the service we can offer to our customers. We regularly use the Ship Simulators to assist in providing reliable assessments of safe access for new vessels to existing ports, provide effective simulation training in maneuvering procedures for pilots and undertake detailed investigations of site-specific harbour and approach channel designs before they are implemented. The improved visual scene provides considerable realism and consequent benefit to our business and customers."

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