ProjectorCentral announces the opening of

HDTV Solutions and BigScreenForums

March 25, 2005

Hi folks,

For quite a while now people have been asking for two things. The first is for information on plasma TVs, LCD TVs, rear projection TVs, and how they compare to projectors as video display products. The second request is for ProjectorCentral to host a forum. As of today, both of those requests are being fulfilled.

We are happy to announce the opening of HDTV Solutions. This new companion site to ProjectorCentral will focus on flatscreen TVs, monitors, and rear projection TVs. Projectors are not for everyone, and these alternative video systems for home theater and big screen entertainment will be the focus of HDTV Solutions.

Today we are also launching BigScreenForums. This forum site will host forums for home theater projectors, flatscreen TVs and RPTVs, as well as projector forums specifically for mobile presenters and teachers/educators. Please check this out, register, and become a Member. Everyone who registers between now and the end of the month will be designated a Founding Member--forever identified as a Member who joined during the first week of our opening.

If you are one of the many who are confused about plasma vs. LCD TVs, or want more input on the advantages of flatscreens and rear projection TVs over projectors, then read Getting the Big Picture. Here we review the advantages and limitations of each type of video product, so you can determine which will be best for you.

We've put a lot of development work into HDTV Solutions and BigScreenForums. Now we need your feedback and suggestions--what have we done right, and what could we improve? We'd like to hear from you once you've had a chance to check them out. And oh, by the way, the sites are not yet fully linked both ways. This is a preview announcement. We will integrate ProjectorCentral and the new sites with navigation tabs both ways shortly.

Thanks for using ProjectorCentral. We hope that HDTV Solutions and BigScreenForums will become valuable Internet resources for you as well.

Best regards,

Evan Powell