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March 31, 2006

Hi folks,

We've got quite a few reviews underway. Those closest to posting at the moment are the InFocus Play Big IN76 and the Optoma HD7100. However, the review of the SXGA+, high resolution 4:3 projectors is underway as well. If all the equipment arrives on schedule, this review will include the new Canon SX60, the Optoma EP910, the projectiondesign evo2sx+, as well as another look at the Dell 5100MP which has been on the market since last August.

This is a good time to point out that, while the Canon SX60 is an LCOS projector, the other three in the high resolution 4:3 group are DLP projectors with 2x color wheels. Part of this review will focus on video capability, and many buyers who prefer the native 4:3 format may be tempted to select one of these models for home theater use. If you are considering any model of DLP projector that has a 2x wheel speed for home theater deployment, it is mandatory to make sure ahead of time that anyone who will be viewing the projector on a regular basis does not suffer from the potential side-effects of the 2x wheel.

We talk about the possibility of seeing distracting rainbow artifacts all the time, and this is one of the side-effects. But even for those who do not see rainbow artifacts, the 2x wheel speed can, for some viewers, produce headaches and/or significant eyestrain when viewed over the duration of a 2-hour movie. I am one of those who rarely sees a visible rainbow artifact, and I never get headaches. But I can end up with pain in my eyes, increased blinking, tearing up, and a desire to avoid looking at the picture after about 90 minutes exposure to a DLP projector with a 2x wheel. On the other hand, it appears that the majority of people experience no side-effects whatsoever and can enjoy DLP projectors with 2x wheels in home theater with no problem at all.

Our advice is this: before investing in a DLP projector with a 2x wheel for home theater, rent or borrow an inexpensive DLP unit with a 2x wheel speed, and sit your family down for a movie. Afterward, see if any family members have been adversely affected in any of the ways just mentioned. If everyone enjoyed the experience without side effects you can invest in the DLP projector of your choice with confidence, and enjoy the benefits of the beautiful pictures they produce.

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Evan Powell