Projector News

April 24, 2006

Hi folks,

In the HD-DVD article posted on Friday, we noted some apparent incompatibilities between the Toshiba HD-A1 player and three Optoma models as well as the Viewsonic Cin1000 and the projectiondesign evo2sx+. We have two important follow-up observations.

First, there is good news for owners of the Optoma HD72. When using this projector, the Toshiba HD-A1 will attempt to establish a connection, then report an "HDMI Error 0" on its status diplay. However, if at that point one clicks the PLAY button on the HD-A1's remote three times in quick succession it will override the error condition, and the HD72 is able to display the movie in digital high resolution with no further problem.

The second observation is that after testing a few more projectors, we can state that the Toshiba HD-A1 interfaces via HDMI without problem to all models we have tested that have an HDMI input. On the other hand, the HD-A1 has more difficulty connecting to models that have the DVI(HDCP) port intead of HDMI. In the case of the Optoma HD72 there is an easy work-around, but triple clicking the PLAY button does not work with all models. We will continue to research this problem and report on these pages as we have more information. The HD-DVD article has been edited to include these observations.

Thanks for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell