Projector News

May 26, 2006

Hi folks,

With high quality home theater projectors dropping below $2,000, and impressive entry level units going below $1,000, more people than ever are looking for less expensive alternatives for home theater screens. Many creative do-it-yourselfer's have come up with great ideas that save a lot of money. So we decided to create our own and see how well our DIY solution could compete with the Stewart Grayhawk RS. We spent less than $100, and less than a morning's labor putting it together from materials available at local stores. Click here for the story.

For those anxiously awaiting the review of the Canon SX60, the latest news we have from Canon is that it will be released during the second half of June. We will review the SX60 as soon as we get one. Meanwhile, we have other units arriving for review, including the Mitsubishi WD2000 that many have been asking about.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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Evan Powell