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Tuesday, June 27

Hi folks,

I don't know about you, but I find that one of the greatest distractions in a home theater system occurs when audio and video are slightly out of synch--when lips move a little bit after you already hear the sound. This is a common problem for one simple reason--there is less digital processing required to deliver an audio signal to a speaker than there is to deliver a video signal to the screen. So they arrive at two different times.

The solution is to introduce an audio delay into the system to bring the picture back into perfect synch with the sound. We have been experimenting with a little box called the Felston DD740 Audio Delay. It's an inexpensive but quite comprehensive way to get lip synch problems eliminated for good. A review of this product will be posted later this week.

Meanwhile, the new Mitsubishi HC1500 and the Sony VPL-AW15 are in the review mill. These are two of the latest HD 720p home theater projectors priced under $1500. Both have just commenced shipment this month, and we will get these reviews posted as soon as possible.

We are also undertaking a major shootout that will feature six aggressively priced portable XGA presentation projectors in the 2000 to 3000 lumen performance range. So if you are looking for high performance XGA projection at rock bottom prices, don't miss this review to be posted later in July.

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Evan Powell