Projector News

July 19, 2004

Hi folks,

What is the next review in the schedule? We are currently working on two sets of reviews. First is the higher end HD2+ DLP projectors. The review will include the Toshiba MT800, (a.k.a. InFocus Screenplay 7205), the BenQ 8700 (updated edition), and the Optoma H77. We will also have some comments on other HD2+ machines such as the SharpVision Z12000 and the Marantz VP-12S3. Among the questions to be addressed is that of value--can some HD2+ machines really be worth double the price of others as current street prices would suggest? This is a larger review than normal, and it will be posted before the end of the month.

We are also in the midst of a review of the Epson Cinema 500 and the Yamaha LPX-510. We are getting a lot of email on both of these high profile 1280x720 resolution LCD projectors. The reviews on these two units will follow the HD2+ group.

In addition to projector reviews we have been examining the new DVDO iScan HD video processor and getting some excellent results with it. This device will take a DVD signal, process it and upscale it to the native resolution of your projector, and output the result via either DVI or analog. The video processing on the iScan HD is more comprehensive than that available onboard most projectors, and thus picture quality can often be improved significantly. We will have more comments posted on this product this week.

We have received several inquiries pertaining to the bundled pricing package of the NEC HT1100 with anamorphic lens. We stated in the review that the projector with lens was available for $4,995, and without the anamorphic lens the projector alone was $4,795. It is a no brainer to spend the extra two hundred to get the lens. However a number of readers have not been able to find that deal out there. NEC has now issued a clarification.....yes, the bundle is available for $4,995 as represented, but only through their CEDIA distribution partners (Cinelight, Edge Group and Visual Solutions). If dealers acquire the product through other sources they won't have the bundled price to offer, and therefore they will quote you up to $1000 or more for the anamorphic lens as a separate accessory. So the bundled price deal is out there, just not available from every dealer.

Thank you for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell