Projector News

August 24, 2005

Hi folks,

We've received a lot of email asking for comments on the Optoma H78DC3, which many have noticed is extremely similar to the H79. According to Optoma, "the main difference is that the key optical components of the H79 are hand selected to meet a higher quality standard befitting the H79. This ensures that the brightness, contrast and sharpness meets a higher standard than what our component supplier can guarantee. Some of the key optical components include: DMD, projection lens, prisms, light rod, color wheel, condensing lens, UV filter and lamp." We will be taking a closer look to see exactly what this translates to in terms of any noticeable performance differences.

If you are curious about the various calibration DVDs on the market at the moment, Bill's new article provides an overview of what each of them offer. Don't forget that Avia Guide to Home Theater, Digital Video Essentials, and Sound & Vision Home Theater Tune Up can now be ordered directly through our new DVD Store.

Speaking of the DVD Store, we thank all of you who have perused the offerings and ordered DVDs from Amazon. Your active support of ProjectorCentral is very much appreciated. We are continuing to add titles on a daily basis. Several new DVDs were added to the Music/Stage Performance section last night. They are each in widescreen 16:9 format, and each represents a highly acclaimed performance on an excellent DVD transfer. For fans of these artists, they are uniquely collectible DVDs that transform your large screen, surround sound home theater into a concert hall. The new Eagles Farewell Tour, is the leading seller in our store right now.

Thank you for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell