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Tuesday, August 28

Hi folks,

Yesterday, four distinguished members of the Mitsubishi product management and development group came by for an advance presentation of the new HC6000, which is to be officially announced at CEDIA next week. This is their second generation 1080p projector that will replace the HC5000 introduced last fall.

The HC6000 is an improvement over the HC5000 in three ways. First, the contrast has been boosted from 10,000:1 up to 13,000:1. Second, the auto iris adjusts to changes in scene brightness much more rapidly than it did on the HC5000. Third, the initial price upon release has been reduced 11%, from last year's $4,495 to $3,995.

We set up the HC6000 side by side with the HC5000 to see just what the difference in the specs looked like on screen. I must say, I was surprised to see what amounted to an obvious improvement in contrast that not only gave the HC6000 better three dimensionality, but it made the image appear even sharper than the already razor sharp HC5000. The increased contrast also boosts color saturation, and makes the natural color on this unit all the more beautiful. This is a video projector that will have great appeal to the discriminating videophile.

The HC6000 will be shipping by the end of September, making it one of the first to market of this year's fall 1080p models. If you happen to be going to the CEDIA convention next week, make sure to stop by the Mitsubishi booth to check it out. Meanwhile, we have it scheduled for review, and the review should be posted during the third week of September.

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Evan Powell