Projector News

September 6, 2006

Hi folks,

The biggest home theater trade show of the year is CEDIA, and it is happening next week in Denver, Sept 13-17. Things appear a bit quiet on the ProjectorCentral site at the moment, but make no mistake, it is the calm before the storm. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that we cannot discuss quite yet because official announcements have not been made. I appreciate your patience as we all await the formal product releases to be made next week.

This year's fall season will be hotter than ever for two reasons: (1) the first crop of reasonably priced 1080p resolution projectors will hit the market, making 1080p a realistic alternative for many more buyers than it has ever been, and (2) prices on excellent 720p products will be more aggressive than ever before. These two developments will put large screen high-performance home theater projection systems well within the budget range of the mass consumer market.

We will be posting a review of the new Optoma EP7150 in the next day or two. This is Optoma's latest small portable, a 2.8 lb. XGA resolution projector that pumps out 2000 ANSI lumens. That is a lot of light out of a little box.

Thanks for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell