Projector News

October 8, 2004

Hi folks,

As you know, we just posted the Panasonic AE700 review yesterday. Usually when we post new reviews or commentaries we email everyone on our list that the new posting has just occurred. If you want to be included on our list, please enter your email address in the Free NewsAlert box on the home page. We never sell or trade our email list. It is used just to notify regular readers of new postings. There is no cost, just your time to enter your email address and press the button.

We currently have three home theater projectors in the review process, and at least one of them should be posted next week. However, since my predictions on when reviews will be posted are not very accurate, I'm going to refrain from making them for a while.

In addition to the reviews we will begin to post some practical installation advice for selected home theater models in order to make it easier for the online buyer to set up and install a new projector. This material is currently in development. So we've got a lot going on behind the scenes, and we are anxious to roll it out on ProjectorCentral in the weeks to come this fall.

Thank you for using our site,

Evan Powell