Projector News

October 26, 2005

Hi folks,

The big question now is just how good are the new high contrast LCD projectors in comparison to the DLP competition? We have been looking at the Panny AE900 side by side with the BenQ PE7700 to get a better feel for it. These are both 1280x720 resolution projectors in the same general price range, with the most fundamental difference between them being that the AE900 uses LCD technology, while the PE7700 features a DLP light engine. Bill's comments on this mini-shootout have just been posted here. We are also doing a separate mini-shootout of the Sanyo Z4 against the more expensive DLP-based Optoma H79. The results of that study will be posted by the first part of the week.

We are still awaiting arrival of the production sample of the Mitsubishi HC3000. Word is that it will be here by Friday. Once it arrives we will get on the review as soon as possible. Some of the other new releases that appeared at CEDIA 2005 are on their way as well, and we will get them reviewed as quickly as we can.

Thank you for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell