Projector News

November 19, 2004

Hi folks,

By far the most common email request we receive is for help to decide between Projector A and Projector B. With all of the new 1280x720 LCD products out lately, these questions are completely understandable. I have compiled a lot of our notes and just posted comments on the newest high contrast LCD projectors. I am sure this won't answer all of the questions, but I hope it will help with a lot of them.

We will be taking next week off for the Thanksgiving break. During the first week back we will fire up the BenQ 7800 and the Mitsubishi HC900 and shoot them out against the Panny AE700, in order to add more comparative comments to today's posting.

This holiday season we at ProjectorCentral have good reason to be thankful for all of you that continue to return to our site on a regular basis. We very much appreciate your use of the site, as well as your generosity in spreading the word about us. We had no idea what to expect when we launched ProjectorCentral over five years ago. It has truly been an amazing journey, and one we never could have experienced without the enthusiasm, kind support, and constructive feedback of our regular readers.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all,

Evan Powell