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InFocus ScreenPlay 110

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InFocus SP 110 Projector InFocus SP 110
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600:1 Contrast Ratio
1000 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

Seems like every new DLP projector with a decent contrast ratio catches the attention of home theater enthusiasts these days. Add the words "Faroudja delinterlacing" onto the spec sheet, and the market is even more interested. But bring the retail price in below $5,000 and suddenly home theater buyers everywhere are feverish in anticipation.

That's what we have with the InFocus Screenplay 110. Initially released as the LS110 and quickly renamed, the Screenplay 110 is the first serious attempt by commercial projector-maker InFocus to create a product specifically for the home theater market.

We first saw this projector at CES in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and the demo looked great. We could hardly wait to get one into the lab for a closer look. We've had it in-house for the last week now, and we are able to give you a more thorough assessment.

Product Overview

The Screenplay 110 is built on the same physical chassis as the InFocus LP530, which is an XGA-resolution commercial presentation product. They look identical from the outside. But that is about where the similarities end. Inside, the Screenplay 110 features the new 848 x 600 "dual mode" DLP chip from Texas Instruments, instead of the XGA chip. The 848 x 600 resolution chip is called "dual mode" because it will handle 16:9 video material in a native widescreen 848 x 480 format, and 4:3 material in 800 x 600 format.

The big advantage of the 848 x 600 resolution is that there is no scaling required for the 480-line widescreen material that you get from a DVD. No scaling means no scaling artifacts, and no softening of the image in the scaling process. The result, quite obvious on the screen, is that the Screenplay 110 delivers a very clear, razor sharp picture.

This projector has a brightness rating of 1000 ANSI lumens and contrast of 600:1. Thus it is intended for use in a home theater setting in which ambient light is controlled and the viewing room is dark. It is HDTV 1080i and 720p compatible. Unlike many InFocus products, this one will also accept 480p from an external line doubler or progressive scan DVD player.

The Screenplay 110 has a 4x speed color wheel that virtually eliminates the motion color artifacts (rainbow effect) that many users have found irritating on earlier DLP projectors.

The 220-watt lamp has a life of 2000 hours, which is an improvement over many DLP-based products that have 1000-hour lamps. Audible fan noise is noticeable if you listen for it, but it is low in pitch and easy to become unconscious of even with the unit sitting on a shelf directly behind your head.

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