Our latest innovation, Tensioned Advantage® and Advantage with SightLine, creates a sleeker aesthetic for the traditional electric screen. But did you know there are many practical benefits, too?

With SightLine, the black drop at the top of the screen is replaced with a thin cable drop system that can be extended anywhere up to 70". This gives the impression of a floating screen and delivers stunning results.

Tensioned Advantage projection screen with blackdrop. Tensioned Advantage projection screen Sightline CableDrop

That's not all, though. The flexibility of the cable drop also makes specifying, ordering, and onsite adjustability much easier. Here's how:

Paired the Feature with Flagship Electric Screens

This feature is an addition to our most popular electric screens - Tensioned Advantage and Advantage. We didn't change the basic design of the screen, including the case and the motor. The only change you'll notice is the way the screen surface rolls off the front of the roller to accommodate the smooth roll cover that protects the screen surface when it's retracted.

The two-stage installation option affords the screen case to be installed during the rough-in construction stage, and the screen surface assembly during the finishing stage.

Simple Specification

Traditionally, you'd need to calculate the drop distance ahead of time when ordering a screen. SightLine, however, accommodates a range of drop distances up to 70". This means no need to determine the drop - just order the screen and dial it in onsite.

Simply lower the screen to the appropriate viewing height and set the down limit. The unused portion of the cable rests comfortably in the notches created specifically for the cable in the screen's roller. There is no "cutting" of the cable or additional steps as it relates to the cable as a part of the installation.

Easy Ordering

Easy Ordering

When you order a Tensioned Advantage or Advantage with the SightLine Cable Drop feature, you'll always get 70" of cable. And because you don't have to specify a drop distance, you'll save time when ordering a screen without the added step of custom drawings and approval. Simply place an order for the screen and you're ready to go.

Onsite Adjustability Height Adjustability

Height Adjustability

Not only is specifying and ordering easier, but the SightLine feature affords you adjustability onsite, too. The screen is controlled by a low-voltage wall switch, which is used to quickly and easily program your desired drop height. Adjustments can be made in ¼" increments, and once the drop distance is set by the installer, the screen will deploy to the same height each time.

Future-Proof Projection Installation


Should the room need to be reconfigured, simply reset the screen's down limits, as the cable provides up to 70" of drop distance to accommodate for renovations.

Additionally, while projector manufacturers are working on higher resolution solutions, Da-Lite's HD Progressive screen surfaces are 16k ready - making the projection screen a long-term investment. So, it's likely that the projector will be replaced long before the screen.