So you finally stepped up to 4K/HDR and to be sure it looks as good as it can, you had your projector calibrated. Even better, the calibrator left you with a reference disc, the BBC's Planet Earth II, to show off to your friends.

We lust, we research, we lust, we buy, we install, we tweak and finally we have the theater of our dreams .

What next? Well, uh, I suppose we could watch a movie...or...

Here's what some of my past clients have done to share this newfound A/V nirvana within their world:

More than one client has invested in a theater to help draw the family closer together. On Friday night, little Johnny gets to invite his friends over to watch a movie just after they have finished the pizza. On Saturday night, little Susie does the same with her girlfriends—probably different toppings on the pie. Mom and Dad have veto authority on the cinema selection. There is popcorn and other movie debris on the floor to clean up after, but at least we know where the kids are.

Then, there are the empty nesters who host a "Movie Saturday Night," usually with a theme. Great way to get to know new friends better and catch up with old ones. I do this in my own theater, but I initiate the evening with a trivia quiz, the answer to which is the name of that night's feature.

Congrats on finally getting your dream theater. Time to fill the seats with a few friends.

One of the things I tell potential clients is that they should have a theater even if they never watch a movie. Huh? If you like music (who doesn't?) and you search Amazon for "Music Videos and Concerts on DVD," you get over 30,000 entries. Name a popular performing artist you like, and you will probably find at least a half dozen discs. If, like me, you liked The Rolling Stones, the number is 20-plus. The cinematography on concert videos yields glimpses of the performers you wouldn't get if you were front-row center. The right audio codec and your hand on the volume control optimizes the aural presentation. Unlike even your favorite movies, you will watch these multiple times, just like you listen to your favorite CDs and playlists.

Perhaps the best thing for some people is the gathering of friends to watch major sports events: the Super Bowl, World Series baseball, the Indy 500, NBA playoffs, the Masters golf tournament and, of course, the Olympic curling finals.

There are a hundred ways to enjoy your home theater. Like so many other things in life, you don't know what you're missing until you experience it. If you haven't started yet... DO try this at home!


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