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October 24, 2003

Hi folks,

We've just posted an updated review of the Mitsubishi XD300U and XD350U. Due to recent drops in street prices, the XD300U will be added to our Highly Recommended list. It is currently an outstanding value for the money for home theater.

For those interested in the amazing Bravo D1 DVI-enabled DVD player, you can normally order it direct from V, Inc. for $199. However for a limited time, ProjectorCentral readers can get an additional 10% off both the player and the DVI cable that is sold separately, should you need it. For details, click here.

We are getting inundated with inquiries on the very hot Sanyo PLV-Z2. This unit will commence shipment in the United States in another week or so. Dealers are taking orders now, and you can expect a waiting list for this one. We will review it as soon as we can get a unit in here.

Next up in the review schedule is the Philips bCool XG1. It is in the lab, and a review of this unit will be posted next week.

Thanks for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell