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Projectors for PC Gaming

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Due to increasing quality and falling prices, projectors are now being used in applications where they haven't been widely used before. One such area is PC gaming, where high-resolution monitors have reigned supreme for many years. And while projectors suited to PC gaming have a lot in common with home theater projectors, they also have some unique factors that need to be considered. Native resolution, while important on home theater projectors, is absolutely critical on PC gaming machines. Video delay, also known as latency or "lag," can make or break the gaming experience.

We took a look at five projectors for use with a PC- the Dell 1609WX, Hitachi CPX3, Planar PR5030, Epson PowerLite 400W, and Panasonic's AX200U. The first four are native 1280x800, a common resolution in computing today. The last is Panasonic's first dedicated "gaming" projector, built for best performance with console games.

PC Gaming

Video games are not just the domain of console systems like the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. People have been using personal computers to play games since before game consoles existed, and continue to do so today. While they are similar to console games in many ways, they are not the same. The method of output is typically different - most computers use a VGA connection, while some later graphics cards use DVI or HDMI. While a projector lacking component video inputs would be a poor choice for console games, it would be perfectly acceptable for PC games. In addition, the resolution of a PC game can be set by the user, rather than being dictated by the system. While an Xbox 360 will output all games at 720p, 1080i, or 1080p with little user input into the matter, PC games can be told to output in a given resolution, limited only by your computer's graphics card and processing power. This is a useful option that can be used to match the game's resolution to that of your projector, ensuring the sharpest possible picture and reducing video delay.

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Buy the Dell 1609WX online here:


Buy the Epson PowerLite 400W online here:


Buy the Hitachi CPX3 online here:


Buy the Panasonic PT-AX200U online here:


Buy the Planar PR5030 online here:

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Dave Posted Dec 18, 2008 1:37 PM PST
I have been using the Sanyo PLV Z5 for the last two years for FPS (Team fortress II mostly) Have not had a problem with this projector. Its a good 720p game projector
rick jackson Posted Mar 31, 2010 10:26 PM PST
my name is richard jackson i am employed at rankin electric in bakersfield ca. 661-325-8658, cell 661-343-1307. we have a customer that currently have a RUNCO mod DTV 852 projector that currently dont work reason being they have a 24 year old son that play XBOX360 on it after being told that projector is not campatible with xbox, they have a Faroudja picture plus digital video processor nr. series, also a sunfire theater grand processor 2, and a furman disenete symactrical, stewart cinema sonic processor, home theatre equalizer, there screen 12 an a half feet from projector, 29 inches off floor, and is 120 inches wide 72 inches tall, do you have a product that will work with ther system, if so that would be great, not necessary campatible with the xbox but if you did they would be interisted in that one also, thank you for taking time in reasearching our dalima, my email is or you may call our office and speak with randy rankin owner 661-325-8658 our my self on my cell rick jackson 661-3431307.
Bibsy Rani Posted Mar 12, 2016 8:57 PM PST
How do I type something on the screen and then display on the projector

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