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Bill Livolsi

Location Nevada
  • Epson Home Cinema 2040 Projector Review

    A great 1080p image from one of the least expensive LCD 1080p projectors available...

  • NEC NP-V302H Projector Review

    A fully-featured 1080p DLP for business and education that punches well above its weight.

  • InFocus IN119HDx Projector Review

    One of the least expensive 1080p projectors on the market for classroom and business...

  • Ambient Light Rejection Screen Shoot-Out

    Shootout of the Elite DarkStar, SI Zero Edge Slate, SI Black Diamond 1.4, Microlite Black Crystal 1.2, Seymour Matinee Black, Elite EPV PolarStar, Stewart Firehawk G4, Draper MS1000X, Elite EPV DarkStar 9, DNP Supernova

  • LG Minibeam PH300 Projector Review

    A native 720p projector with an onboard battery and speakers for a truly ultra-portable experience...

  • Acer H6517ST Projector Review

    A 1080p short throw projector for $799 that's perfect for small rooms and portable theater.

  • Input Lag and Projectors for Gaming

    Input lag cannot be eliminated, but reducing it is key to a great gaming experience. Here's how to do it.

  • Optoma W311 Projector Review

    A great WXGA presentation projector for less than $450.

  • Casio EcoLite XJ-V1 Projector Review

    A low-cost, high-performance hybrid projector for business or classroom use.

  • DVDO AVLab Test Pattern Generator Review

    A professional-grade test pattern generator with full 4K support at a price that makes it accessible to enthusiasts and professionals alike.