Projector News

March 2, 2005

Hi folks,

Yes, I know, updates have been sparse in the last few weeks. However we've had a lot going on behind the scenes. First, we've hired a new associate, Bill Livolsi, who will help us increase the production of reviews that everyone is asking for. Bill is working side by side with me in our Las Vegas office, and we are excited to have him on board.

Bill's review of the Optoma H31 has just been posted. In our judgment Optoma really delivered a LOT of projector for the money with the H31. It constitutes a major step up from last year's H30, and it is being enthusiastically added to our Highly Recommended list. It is a beautiful performer for under $1,500--a great solution for first time buyers who want excellent value in home theater for not a lot of cash.

We have recently begun to receive a lot of email asking about plasma TVs, LCD TVs, rear projection TVs, and so on. When should you be considering these types of products instead of front projectors? The fact is that each of these types of video display products is right for certain uses and applications. We will post an article by the end of this week that covers the advantages and limitations of one type of product vs. another. Hopefully that will help answer a lot of the questions we've been getting on the subject.

More to be posted shortly...

Evan Powell