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Wednesday, March 14

Hi folks,

Well, okay, it took a couple days longer than I had anticipated, but we've just posted the review of the Optoma HD73. The HD73 is an updated version of the HD72, but both of them will continue to sell as they each have advantages over the other.

By the way, if you are new to home theater and want to get into it with very little cash, note that Optoma has a $100 rebate going on the H31. This means you can pick up one of these outstanding little home theater projectors for amazingly little money. For entry level home theater on a budget, it is one of the best deals going. See Optoma H31 dealers for details.

The Epson Pro-Cinema 1080p has arrived and we are getting into the review of it today. If all goes according to plan that review will be posted next week.

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Evan Powell