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April 26, 2004

Hi folks,

It is not often that a projector takes me by complete surprise. It is rarer still when a projector under $1500 makes me sit back in awe. But I will say that the Optoma H30 delivers much more than I was expecting it would. This is a phenomenal little product, and definitely one we will use as a permanent reference unit. For novice videophiles on a budget who want a truly elegant image and who can keep their viewing room dark, the Optoma H30 is a terrific entry level projector. After a bit of tweaking it delivered a great deal more than I imagined it would. (see H30 review). It has been added to the Highly Recommended list with great enthusiasm.

The screen review is still in process. I still have no completion date, as the project seems to grow and evolve the more we get into it. All I can say is that we will publish it when we are satisfied with the work.

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Thanks very much for your active support.

Evan Powell

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