Projector News

July 2, 2004

Hi folks,

Thanks for all the email requesting reviews of the projectors you are most interested in. We are setting up our summer review schedule, and our intent is to get to as many of the units you have asked for as possible. These would include several of the HD2+ machines, including the InFocus Screenplay 7205 (a.k.a. the Toshiba MT800), the BenQ 8700 (updated edition), and the Optoma H77. We have also called in for review the Epson Cinema 500 and Epson Cinema 200, the Hitachi PJTX100, the InFocus X2 and InFocus Screenplay 4805, and at the high end of the resolution and price scale, the Sony Qualia 004.

If there are others you'd like to see added to the list, feel free to drop us a note using the email address All of those models just noted are home theater oriented. If you have interest in seeing more reviews of products intended for business or education use, let us know that as well.

Thank you for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell