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Friday, May 18

Hi folks,

If you are about to get your first home theater projector and you have a very limited budget, we'd like to call your attention once again to the Mitsubishi HD1000. This is, in our opinion, currently the most formidable entry level home theater projector on the market, and selling for below $1,000. We've been spending more time with it this week, and its very sharp, high contrast image continues to amaze us. It was the first product to be given the Editor's Choice Award last fall, and for the money it is still extremely difficult to beat. Check current street prices by getting quotes from dealers, and see if it is time for you to take your first step into very large screen home theater. We promise it will blow away your 50" plasma TV.

Meanwhile, if you are on the other end of the home theater budget spectrum, you may already have a tricked out high-end home theater installed. If so, one possible addition that can take it to a higher level of performance is Anchor Bay's DVDO iScan VP50 Video Processor. At $2,999 it won't fit into everyone's budget. But if you are already into 1080p projection and high-performance surround sound, this video processor is definitely worthy of your close attention.

And finally, for you mobile presenters, don't overlook the Dell 1800MP portable XGA projector. At just $799, this little dynamo has taken great mobile presentation capability to a new low price point. The review was just posted this week. Check it out if you are in the market for a very bright, very light business projector.

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Evan Powell